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Mong-Lan's Music: Jazz Piano, Solos, Tangos, Compositions 

behind the physical world, infinite music ---Mong-LanMong-Lan piano drawing


Mong-Lan's nine albums encompass the deep South of North America, Jazz piano, and tangos originating from South America & Buenos Aires.

Dreaming Orchid: Poetry & Jazz Piano is her newest album, award-winning spoken word poetry coupled with Mong-Lan's enchanting jazz piano. Sultry, profound, comical, quick-witted poems from Mong-Lan’s book, One Thousand Minds Brimming: poetry & art, and Tango, Tangoing: poetry & art.

As a child Mong-Lan studied the violin several years, and for many years as an adolescent, studied classical piano with various private teachers including with the pianist and composer, Dr. D. Kramlich of Houston Baptist University. Later in Buenos Aires, she studied opera singing with Carmen Sensaud (creator and director of La Scuola Internazionale di Canto "María Callas" of Rome) and Jasmine Lin; and at the same time, studied tango singing with Ariel Varnerin and Marcelo Macri. The classical and tango guitar, she has studied with several private teachers in Buenos Aires. Later, she lived for a time in New Orleans and studied jazz there, listening to the jazz played on the streets and in the bars.

Her jazz piano album releases can be found here: Diary: Voyages; Visions: Diary; and City of Dreams - Ciudad de Sueños; Equivalences / Synchronicities; Under 13 Moons; The Cosmic Blues ~ Dragonfly Dances; New Orleans of My Heart.

(20 tracks, 53 minutes)

Mong-Lan show

Mong-Lan's new solo show, Ocean of Senses: Dream Songs & Tangos, blends original poetry, jazz piano, guitar, dance, story and song. Watch the trailer here.


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What folks are saying:

"Mong-Lan's work is compelling! She moves my heart with her poetic
melodic rhythms of emotions creating a tactile resonance that simply touches
me at my core.”—David Hauser, music producer, writer, artist.


"Mistress of Nerve and Gumption, Light Airy Notes.”—Ken Waldman, writer, musician, performer.


"Beautiful impressionistic works . . .”—Loren Pickford, jazz musician and artist.


"Mong-Lan is an extremely multitalented artist bridging not only various
arts but various artistic styles.  I most recently saw her read and perform
her music at an evening dedicated to the Beat Poets of San Francisco
that was held at the Beat Museum.  It was an incredible event.”
Dr. Marla Lowenthal, Univ of San Francisco, 2016.


"Beautiful . . . .”—Bremner Duthie, singer.


"Dreaming Orchid: Poetry & Jazz piano" has some cool sounds and great poems. The jazz stimulated my cortex, and the gustatory language wet my tongue.”—Stephen Page.


"She re-makes the tango, makes it new. Her originals are catchy
and pretty fantastic.”—Maxi C.


"I loved hearing her play her jazz piano while she recites her poetry.
Just marvelous.”—Stephanie C., artist and musician.


" . . . A remarkable encounter of sound that enters the celestial dance
of wakefulness and dreaming just as it is . . . "




Para Encontrarte: Tangos y Mas by Mong-Lan


Para Encontrarte: Tangos y Más

An amalgamation of classic tangos, sung by Mong-Lan, with guitar and bandoneón, and new fusion tangos, poetry and music by Mong-Lan.


"Drinking in the air that is music in New Orleans,
New Orleans of My Heart came to me. Music
everywhere on the streets. What magic, -- voices
of the river, spirituals, drums, banjos, trumpets,
the saxophone, bagpipes, all displaying their soulful
celestial music." --Mong-Lan

Under 13 Moons by Mong-Lan

Inspired by New Orleans, the music of the solar system, the intricacies of sound & being, Nature herself, "Under 13 Moons" divulged itself slowly and imperceptibly.

"Listening to Mong-Lan's new piano album "Under 13 Moons" — and particularly the second track on the album, "Witness: Sleep's Skin" — in terms of the soul's ever-present breath in both worlds of wakefulness and dreams, the music is one of the more indelibly fragile works of beautiful sound . . . . From the outset these soundflows are fully tuned (in F sharp) to the wellspring of both states of being, the physical state of the sleeper whose mind is awake, and the physical state of the dreamer whose body is asleep. The composition "Witness: Sleep's Skin" is the birth of both, at once, ever-born and ever-continuing, as the fingers alight the keys again and again — neither in search of commingled forces & energies of sound that become notational indices of balance — nor as intercessors of evincing harmonies which, by point of fact, wish to prove that such a relationship between sounds exists. Yet, here it is, a remarkable encounter of sound that enters the celestial dance of wakefulness and dreaming just as it is — sounding the plexus of deep being, whose sum-score becomes the sound of what it already is —before balance — a beingness of music whose breath is infinitesimally, and infinitely, the fragile music of being — neither awake, nor alseep, and the breath of both. A music which tells all, . . . a musicality of sounds that are always ever there-here, the soul's song."




 "Extraordinarily gifted.”—Matty Selman, performing artist.


"I took Miki-chan to the vet for her annual exam. She meowed in the car
and would not stop, no matter how much I tried to calm her down. Same
on the way back. Half way home, I turned on the CD player and played
one of your CDs, Voyages, track 2. All of a sudden she was silent.
She stopped crying, and was quiet all the way home. True story!"
--Shirley Nakao, music and cat lover with two cats.


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