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Arrabal de Tango: Tango por Siempre, 2020


Arrabal de Tango: Tango por Siempre

Valiant Productions, 2020

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Tango from their barrios, their neighborhoods, Almagro, Avellaneda,
Buenos Aires: Mong-Lan and Enrique Santillán’s new album of tangos
with guitar and voice. Mong-Lan, Vietnamese-born singer and guitarist,
and Enrique Santillán, virtuoso guitarist, from Avellaneda, Buenos Aires,
interpret the classic tangos with passion, ingenuity, and brilliance. 


Mong-Lan, writer, former Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, Fulbright Scholar, has published seven (7) books of poetry & artwork, three (3) chapbooks, has won prizes such as the Juniper Prize and the Pushcart Prize. Poems have been included in numerous anthologies such as Best American Poetry Anthology and various Norton anthologies. She has finished a novel, with an excerpt in the North American Review.

Mong-Lan plays the piano and guitar, sings in six languages, and also composes. Her ten albums of jazz piano and tangos also showcase her poetry.

As a visual artist, Mong-Lan has had her paintings and photographs exhibited in museums such as the Dallas Museum of Art and galleries in the U.S., and in public exhibitions in Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Bali and Buenos Aires.

Mong-Lan as a dancer has studied ballet, jazz and flamenco, and has specialized as an Argentine tango dancer, performer, and teacher, having over twenty years of tango dance experience, in Buenos Aires, San Francisco, New York City, Houston, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hanoi, and elsewhere.

Mong-Lan left her native Viet Nam on the last day of the evacuation of Sai Gon. Her solo show, Ocean of Senses: Dream Songs & Tangos: one woman's journey from Sai Gon to Buenos Aires via America, blends original poetry, jazz piano, guitar, dance, story and song.

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Mong-Lan books

Dusk Aflame: poems & art

January 2018

ISBN-13: 9780982822746
Valiant Press, full-length collection

Poetry and artwork

Tone of Water in a Half-Filled Glass

May 2018, Foothills Publishing, chapbook
ISBN: 978-0-921053-18-7

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The Unofficial #AWP20 T-shirts, my design which was a finalist. I've decide to print them, limited edition. Buy them below! The Alamo, a symbol of resistance and victory in Texas. The horseman holds an old fashioned ink pen for spear, or bayonet. The light post is also a pen, the pen as light. And, the longhorn, I thought was so cute.) I've had my artwork, drawings, and paintings exhibited in galleries and museums in the U.S. and in public exhibitions internationally.

". . . A true original, unafraid of sentiment and at the height of her artistic prowess, Mong-Lan’s new book proves she remains one of our leading poets.”—Ravi Shankar, editor of Drunken Boat.


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Background drawing of the Mekong river, in Vinh Long, Vietnam, by Mong-Lan, 1996.
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