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"Love Poem to Soto," 2010, Cerise Press,


"Bangkok [neon lights]" selected by Judith Hall for the Best American Poetry website, 2008.


"Love Poem to Thick Rice Noodles"; "Love Poem to Bun Rieu;" English and Vietnamese,, 2006.


"Love Poem to Banh Cuon," English and Vietnamese,, 2006.


"Love Poem to Spinach," (originally published in The Colorado Review), English and Vietnamese,, 2006.


From "Argentine Tango: Observations While Dancing (Part 4)," Coconut Five, 2006.


From Jacket 13, a co-production with New American Writing, "Three-Auricled Heart"


From Jacket 19 October 2002, in collaboration with Verse Magazine:  "Coyote"


From Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing, Vol 11.2, 1999




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Yang Huang:  Chinese-American fiction writer


Stephen Elliot:  Author of A Life Without Consequences.  Presently a Stegner Fellow in fiction at Stanford University.



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