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"Love Poem to Soto," 2010, Cerise Press,


"Sentient Figure" Drunken Boat, 2009,


"Bangkok [neon lights]" selected by Judith Hall for the Best American Poetry website, 2008.


"Love Poem to Thick Rice Noodles"; "Love Poem to Bun Rieu;" English and Vietnamese,, 2006.


"Love Poem to Banh Cuon," English and Vietnamese,, 2006.


"Love Poem to Spinach," (originally published in The Colorado Review), English and Vietnamese,, 2006.


From "Argentine Tango: Observations While Dancing (Part 4)," Coconut Five, 2006.


From Jacket 13, a co-production with New American Writing, "Three-Auricled Heart"


From Jacket 19 October 2002, in collaboration with Verse Magazine:  "Coyote"


From Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing, Vol 11.2, 1999

From Poemcafe--An international network of poets based in Seoul, Korea


From  Mong-Lan, The Interview Hour and Two Poems, September 2001




Vietnamese America:


"Vietnamese American Women as Literary Torchbearers," by Isabelle Thuy Pelaud, Nha Magazine




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Vietnamese literature, on-line journal

  "EmployVN Inc. is the first Online Employment Services 

company that serves the Vietnamese Communities."


Saigon Info, provides information about Vietnam, its communities in the world 

along with  news, stories, pictures, forum, directories, and more


Vietnam Horizons, Radio Channel 1430 AM, KVVN


V Magazine, an online magazine of Vietnamese interests





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Shine Society, A Forum for Artists to Emerge -- every poet for everyman, every resource for every poet


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Viktor Smolik, tango painter:



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Yang Huang:  Chinese-American fiction writer


Stephen Elliot:  Author of A Life Without Consequences.  Presently a Stegner Fellow in fiction at Stanford University.



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