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 Passion in Dance / La Pasión en el Baile

Secrets of the Tango: Revealed ™ -- Revolutionary Workshops by LAN

Find passion in your life. Dance Argentine Tango! Descubrí la pasión en tu vida. Bailá el tango argentino!
LAN Tango


Arrabal de Tango: Tango por Siempre, by Mong-Lan & Enrique Santillan, 2020


Virtuoso guitarist Enrique Santillan and Mong-Lan, international tango artist, are excited to bring to you now their new second album together, "Arrabal de Tango: Tango por Siempre" --Please listen, purchase, share -- thanks for your support friends!. The tango will always endure. --------------

Grabando este álbum durante el año pasado, el virtuoso guitarrista Enrique Santillan y Mong-Lan artista internacional de tango están alegres de presentarles ahora su nuevo segundo álbum juntos, "Arrabal de Tango: Tango por Siempre"


Perfumas de Amor: Mong-Lan & Enrique Santillan

Perfumas de Amor: de Argentina y Viet Nam,
Tango por Siempre

March 2018.

From the four corners of the earth, the tango is sensual, melancholic,
and sublime. Mong-Lan, Vietnamese-born artist, singer and musician,
with remarkable dexterity and talent, interprets the tango with deep feeling
as if she were a porteña, from Buenos Aires. With Enrique Santillan,
Argentine virtuoso guitarist accompanying her, they form a captivating
and memorable duo.


Para Encontrarte: Tango y Más

Para Encontrarte: Mong-Lan


Tango Workshops

Class One: "Secrets of the Tango: Revealed ™ -- Revolutionary Workshops by LAN"

Class Two: "Concept, Connection, and Technique: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Argentine Tango."

What People Are Saying!

"Because Lan is also a writer and poet, and also a great dancer, I believe that she has a great way of explaining concepts about the tango that were never explained to me in such a way that I now finally understand and am able to implement in my dancing." -Samuel W.

"I left Lan's classes full of ideas, concepts and exercises that were very useful for me in my own dancing of the tango." -Ernesto V.

"Lan's classes are fun and interesting -- I was able to better understand the Argentine tango in ways never before." -Jim S.

"That was a great class: I feel energized, and ready for more! I feel that Lan really knows the tango, and knows how to explain it and teach it well." -Ana T.

"Lan is the quintessential tango dancer who knows the dynamics of the tango, knows how the body works, and knows how to teach the connection so necessary to dance the tango well." -Sandra B.

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Finalist in Tango Salon, Buenos Aires City-Wide Tango Championship, El Metropolitano, Milongueros del Mundo, 2011

Finalist in Tango Salon, CITA, Campeonato Intercontinal de Tango Salon, Buenos Aires, 2011.

"Ms. Lan came to live in Buenos Aires . . . , and does acrylic paintings of long-legged dancers, . . . singing melancholy lyrics and has published a book of verse on tango."--The Wall Street Journal.




El Tango Show de Mong-Lan y Nando en La Confitería Ideal: Dec 2013, Buenos Aires.

Ciudad Vacía / Ciudad Triste: El Tango Show de Mong-Lan y Nando en La Confitería Ideal, Dec 2013, Buenos Aires 01-01-2014, part 2.

The joy and miracle of the milonga: Mong-Lan & Jose, Salon Canning, Parakultural, Buenos Aires, Sept 2013.

The elegant and classic tango -- the music of Osvaldo Pugliese -- his later work that is almost never played in milongas -- an improvisation: Mong-Lan & Nando, Salon Canning, Parakultural, Buenos Aires, Sept 2013.

Video: Mong-Lan & David Violet dance in the Metronome, San Francisco, April 2013.

Video: Mong-Lan sings "Garua" - with her paintings / photos. 2013

Video: Mong-Lan, Pintura con voz, baile, 2013.

Video: Tango Baile, Buenos Aires, Mong-Lan canta "Nostalgias," 2013

Video: In Esquina Romero Manzi, Buenos Aires, 2013

Video: Mong-Lan baila el Tango: Buenos Aires / New York City

BSAS / NYC: Mong-Lan & Stef dance; and Mong-Lan sings "Romance de Barrio.", 2012

Video: The First Encounter: Count Glover & Mong-Lan @ The Metronome, Milonga Azul, San Francisco, April 2012

Video: La Milonga, Mong-Lan & Walter Champin, La Confitería Ideal, 23 March, 2012, Buenos Aires.

VIDEOS, Part one: Paintings, poetry reading (from Tango, Tangueando: Poemas & Dibujos, bilingual version), and tango dance performance with the celebrated Pampa Cortés (of Forever Tango)

Video Part Two, the Milonga: more poetry, paintings and milonga dance performance with Pampa Cortés (of Forever Tango)

Speaking impromtu on the tango, Aug 23, 2011: video from Reuters in English. Video en español

Front Page Article in The Wall Street Journal in which I appear: "It Takes Two to Tango, As Long as You're Argentine." July 20, 2011

Video in The Wall Street Journal: July-2011

Interview, my teaching crosses genres, tango, writing, and the visual arts: "Tango Comes to St. Paul's." 





Tango Workshops in Austin, Dec. 20, 2014, click here for more info and to pre-register for earlybird discounts!

Tango Show in Tierra del Fuego TX Restaurante Argentino, Sugar Land, (Houston) TX
7:30 - 9:30 pm. Various days in Oct, Nov & Dec.

Wed, Nov. 12, 2014: I will be a guest-teacher for Mauro Marcone's class at the University of St. Thomas, Jerabeck Dance Room (4800 Graustark), 8:00 - 9:00 pm.


18 December, Wed, 7 pm, La Confiteria Ideal, Suipacha 384, 2nd floor, Unitango Milonga, Buenos Aires. Mong-Lan & Nando Aracena dance. Mong-Lan sings.

Nov. 23 / 24, Austin, Texas.

October 24-Nov 1., New York City.

1 August 2013, Thursday, Divertango La Milonga, Buenos Aires, Tango dance performance by Mong-Lan & Jorge Moreira. Mong-Lan will also present her new CD, "LAN Tango: La Voz de Mong-Lan."

16 September, Monday, Salon Canning, Parakultural, Buenos Aires, Tango dance performance by Mong-Lan, José Menno, Nando. Mong-Lan will also present her CD, "LAN Tango: La Voz de Mong-Lan."