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One Thousand Minds Brimming: poems & art

In Mong-Lan's new collection of poems, One Thousand Minds Brimming: poems & art, desire, love and mayhem are laid bare reality’s vicissitudes. Mong-Lan’s observations about personal history and past wars in Vietnam and Cambodia are poignant, indeed heartbreaking. These poems defy gravity and darkness, and emerge undiminished; more so, like diamonds. They illuminate the spirit, and dissect the human heart with grace, humor and clarity. Mong-Lan's artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States and in public exhibitions in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Seoul and Bali. This collection includes her two previous chapbooks, Love Poem to Tofu & Other Poems and Love Poem to Ginger& Other Poems.

One Thousand Minds Brimming

“Mong-Lan’s poems are fresh and real as a street, full of the seriousness of pleasure. She has the same sense of joy that Kenneth Koch loved in the courage to sing, happiness of St.-John Perse. The courage of Frank O’Hara who said that the smallest idea in one's own head was better than an old idea in some other brain. The wars and horrors of wars are here, but even disasters and disappearance doesn't stop the poet from celebrating lemons and vegetables I do not know. The Chinese speak of the three perfections: poetry, painting and calligraphy. But Mong-Lan speaks of the great imperfections that are better for being so. Her poems are full of the bright primaries of her brushstrokes. . . . I praise these poems of praise which collapse distance and makes us feel, as O’Hara seemed to say, poetry is just a telephone call away.”—David Shapiro, poet, critic, professor, New York City.

". . . A true original, unafraid of sentiment and at the height of her artistic prowess, Mong-Lan’s new book proves she remains one of our leading poets.”—Ravi Shankar, poet & editor of Drunken Boat, Central Connecticut State University.

" . . . I admire both the brushwork and the very effective use of space on the page as a visual and musical element. The writing is crisp, vivid, lucid, worldly, sexy and smart. . . . " — Stephen Kessler, poet & translator.

"A gifted poet of aliveness and marvelous word telemetries, and so much else. Etherly precision, chest-deep, between the ojos—wonderment. The truth serum delivered . . ."Dave Brinks

" . . . Beautiful poems, wonderful drawings & calligraphy." Kenneth Fields, poet, Stanford University.



"Proof," visual poem video with piano improvisation in A minor, by Mong-Lan


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ISBN-10: 0982822723
ISBN-13: 978-0-9828227-2-2
Pub date: September 2014
155 pages, 42 illustrations by the artist / poet
Valiant Press


Dreaming Orchid: Mong-Lan

Award-winning spoken word poetry coupled with enchanting
Jazz Piano. Sultry, profound, comical, quick-witted poems from
Mong-Lan’s book, One Thousand Minds Brimming: poetry & art,
and Tango, Tangoing: poetry & art.



"In spritely lines that mime the leap of neural impulse across synapses into the fractal branching of perception, Mong-Lan’s poems are an extension of her dancer's body in space, leaving the trace of her physicality to emanate as heat and sensation on the tongue. Her sensual love poems to food evoke Neruda's elemental odes  but also partake of a distinct sense of place, one more fully elaborated on the startling title sequence of poems addressed to and in conversation with Bangkok, whose "luxuriant ladyboys," "ten thousand barge" and "great man-eating wave[s]" enthrall and alarm us, or in a set of mystical poems arisen from the desert, where "insatiate cactus fester" and "wasps east the stars," or from the mountain, where "clustered knuckles blanket a land of haiku." One Thousand Minds Brimming reminds us of the primal power of poetry to celebrate and to question our ephemerality, and to help us better revel in our senses even while reminding us to mourn the very condition that makes each shitake mushroom and each marinated onion so heartbreakingly pungent and poignant. A true original, unafraid of sentiment and at the height of her artistic prowess, Mong-Lan’s new book proves she remains one of our leading poets.”—Ravi Shankar, poet & editor of Drunken Boat.
Video of Mong-Lan reading her poetry at Public Poetry, Houston Public Library, April 2015.



Bamboo Knife

A Bamboo Knife
Straw village humid night
Memory    a distinct black hole
Night    the high seas
Shrapnel in heart

Hallucination with Clay

Desert Mysticism
Mountain Mysticism
Desert: what is left
The Bodywasher

Love Poems I

Love Poem to Tofu
Love Poem to Bún Riêu
Love Poem to Spinach
Love Poem to Red Chili Peppers
Love Poem to Bánh Cuon
Love Poem to Thick Rice Noodles
Love Poem to Shitake
Love Poem to Broccoli
Love Poem to Pho

Love Poems II

Love Poem to Café au Lait
Love Poem to Green Tea
Love Poem to Garlic
Love Poem to Basil
Love Poem to Onion
Love Poem to Ginger
Love Poem to Leeks
Love Poem to Lemons
Love Poem to Soto
Love Poem to Nuoc Mam

One Thousand Minds Brimming

Bangkok:  City Streets
Bangkok: Royalty
Bangkok: River
Bangkok [neon lights]
Sentient figure

Smoky cities, pigeons’ wings

Seoul Snow
Upon Seeing Marcel Marceau in Buenos Aires
Leblon-Ipanema-Copacabana: Rio de Janeiro
The Imperial Palace, Tokyo
Love Poem to Cherry Blossoms
A bird of laughing feathers

Video of Mong-Lan giving a reading with her music at the Univ. of New Orleans, Nov. 2014.


"Love Poem to Thick Rice Noodles" by Mong-Lan

Listen: "Love Poem to Thick Rice Noodles" poetry recital and piano improvisation by Mong-Lan

Mong-Lan: Artwork, Man & Beast


Mil Mentes Rebosantes: poemas y dibujos-pinturas

En la nueva colección de poemas de Mong-Lan, Mil Mentes Rebosantes: poemas y dibujos-pinturas, el deseo, el amor y el caos muestran claramente las vicisitudes de la realidad. Las observaciones de Mong-Lan sobre su historia personal y las últimas guerras en Vietnam y Camboya son conmovedoras, de hecho desgarrador. Estos poemas desafían la gravedad y la oscuridad, y emergen sin menoscabo; más aún, como diamantes. Iluminan el espíritu, y diseccionan el corazón humano con gracia, humor y claridad. Las obras de arte de Mong-Lan han sido expuestas en galerías y museos de los Estados Unidos y en exposiciones públicas en Tokio, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Seúl y Bali. Esta colección incluye sus dos libros anteriores, Poema de Amor a Tofu y Otros Poemas y Poema de Amor a Jengibre y Otros Poemas.

"Los poemas de Mong-Lan son frescos y reales como una calle, llena de la seriedad del placer. Ella tiene el mismo sentido de alegría que Kenneth Koch amaba en el coraje de cantar, la felicidad de St.-John Perse. . . . Alabo estos poemas de alabanza que colapsan la distancia y nos hacen sentir, como O'Hara parecía decir, la poesía está a sólo una llamada telefónica de distancia. "- David Shapiro

"... Un verdadero original, sin miedo al sentimiento y a la altura de su destreza artística, el nuevo libro de Mong-Lan demuestra que sigue siendo una de nuestros poetas destacados." - Ravi Shankar, director del Barco Ebrio (Drunken Boat).

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