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Contact Lan for group classes, private lessons, shows, etc.

Contactame para clases privadas, grupales y shows.


 Celular in Buenos Aires, Argentina: 15-6863-9396

Mobile in the United States: 713-240-8720

What People are Saying about Lan's Classes:

"Because Lan is also a writer and poet, and also a great dancer, I believe that she has a great way of explaining concepts about the tango that were never explained to me in such a way that I now finally understand and am able to implement in my dancing."—Samuel W.

"Lan is the quintessential tango dancer who knows the dynamics of the tango, knows how the body works, and knows how to teach the connection so necessary to dance the tango well."—Sandra B.

"I left Lan's classes full of ideas, concepts and exercises that were very useful for me in my own dancing of the tango."—Ernesto V. 

"Lan's classes are fun and interesting—I was able to better understand the Argentine tango in ways never before."—Jim S.

"That was a great class: I feel energized, and ready for more! I feel that Lan really knows the tango, and knows how to explain it and teach it well."—Ana T.


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