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Passion in Dance / La Pasión en el Baile

Secrets of the Tango: Revealed ™ -- Revolutionary Workshops by Mong-Lan

Find passion in your life. Dance Argentine Tango! Descubrí la pasión en tu vida. Bailá el tango argentino!


From September - October 2014, I will be in Sugar Land and Houston, TX. Private and group lessons available upon request. Please check in next week to find schedule for group lessons.

LAN Tango: The Voice of Mong-Lan. The tango classics.


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New Videos:

El Tango Show de Mong-Lan y Nando en La Confitería Ideal: Dec 2013, Buenos Aires.

Ciudad Vacía / Ciudad Triste: El Tango Show de Mong-Lan y Nando en La Confitería Ideal, Dec 2013, Buenos Aires 01-01-2014, part 2.

The joy and miracle of the milonga: Mong-Lan & Jose, Salon Canning, Parakultural, Buenos Aires, Sept 2013.

The elegant and classic tango -- the music of Osvaldo Pugliese -- his later work that is almost never played in milongas -- an improvisation: Mong-Lan & Nando, Salon Canning, Parakultural, Buenos Aires, Sept 2013.

Video: Mong-Lan & David Violet dance in the Metronome, San Francisco, April 2013.

Video: Mong-Lan sings "Garua" - with her paintings / photos. 2013

Video: Mong-Lan, Pintura con voz, baile, 2013.

Video: Tango Baile, Buenos Aires, Mong-Lan canta "Nostalgias," 2013

Video: In Esquina Romero Manzi, Buenos Aires, 2013

Video: Mong-Lan baila el Tango: Buenos Aires / New York City

BSAS / NYC: Mong-Lan & Stef dance; and Mong-Lan sings "Romance de Barrio.", 2012

Video: The First Encounter: Count Glover & Mong-Lan @ The Metronome, Milonga Azul, San Francisco, April 2012

Video: La Milonga, Mong-Lan & Walter Champin, La Confitería Ideal, 23 March, 2012, Buenos Aires.

VIDEOS, Part one: Paintings, poetry reading (from Tango, Tangueando: Poemas & Dibujos, bilingual version), and tango dance performance with the celebrated Pampa Cortés (of Forever Tango)

Video Part Two, the Milonga: more poetry, paintings and milonga dance performance with Pampa Cortés (of Forever Tango)

Speaking impromtu on the tango, Aug 23, 2011: video from Reuters in English. Video en español

Front Page Article in The Wall Street Journal in which I appear: "It Takes Two to Tango, As Long as You're Argentine." July 20, 2011

Video in The Wall Street Journal: July-2011

Interview, my teaching crosses genres, tango, writing, and the visual arts: "Tango Comes to St. Paul's." 



18 December, Wed, 7 pm, La Confiteria Ideal, Suipacha 384, 2nd floor, Unitango Milonga, Buenos Aires. Mong-Lan & Nando Aracena dance. Mong-Lan sings.

Nov. 23 / 24, Austin, Texas.

October 24-Nov 1., New York City.

1 August 2013, Thursday, Divertango La Milonga, Buenos Aires, Tango dance performance by Mong-Lan & Jorge Moreira. Mong-Lan will also present her new CD, "LAN Tango: La Voz de Mong-Lan."

16 September, Monday, Salon Canning, Parakultural, Buenos Aires, Tango dance performance by Mong-Lan, José Menno, Nando. Mong-Lan will also present her CD, "LAN Tango: La Voz de Mong-Lan."