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Song of the Cicadas, Juniper Prize, Univ. of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, 2001; Why is the Edge Always Windy?, Tupelo Press, 2005; Tango, Tangoing: Poems & Art, Valiant Press, 2008; Tango, Tangueando: Poemas & Dibujos, (bilingual), Valiant Press, 2009; Force of the Heart: Tango, Art, Valiant Press, 2011; One Thousand Minds Brimming: poems & art, Valiant Press, 2014; Dusk Aflame: poems & art, Valiant Press, 2018.

Love Poem to Tofu & Other Poems, Valiant Press, 2010; Love Poem to Ginger & Other Poems, Valiant Press, 2012; Tone of Water in a Half-Filled Glass (chapbook), Foothills Publishing, 2018.

Anthologies include:

Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies (Keio Univ, Tokyo, 2019); women : poetry : migration (Theenk Press, 2018); Inheriting the War: Poetry and Prose by Descendants of Vietnam Veterans and Refugees (W.W. Norton, 2017); Cutbank: 40 Years (University of Montana, 2013); Southeast Asian Women of the Diaspora: Troubling Borders in Literature and Art (University of Temple Press, 2013); 9th PoemCafe Anthology, (Seoul, Korea, 2011); Linguapax Asia (Tokyo, Japan, 2010); Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia, and Beyond (Norton, 2008), Contemporary Voices from the Eastern World: an Anthology of Poems (W. W. Norton & Company, 2007), Hanoi Misses You: Contemporary Vietnamese Poetry (Milkweed Editions, 2007), The Pushcart Book of Poetry: Best Poems from 30 Years of the Pushcart Prize (Pushcart Press, 2007), Asian American Anthology: The Next Generation (University of Illinois Press, 2004), Best American Poetry of 2002 (Scribner, 2002), Pushcart Prize Anthology XXIV (Pushcart Press, 2000), Watermark: Vietnamese American Poetry and Prose (AAWW, 1998), Making More Waves: New Writing by Asian American Women (Beacon Press, 1995).

Journals include:
Amerasia Journal, Another Chicago Magazine, Antioch Review, Artful Dodge, Asian American Literature: Discourses & Pedagogies, Berkeley Poetry Review, Cerise Press, Cimarron Review, Colorado Review, Connotations, Constellation Magazine, Cutbank, Drunken Boat, Fence, Five Fingers Review, Fourteen Hills, Hearths 2, Hinchas de la Poesía, Inquisitive Eater, Iowa Review, ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, jubilat, Kenyon Review, Luna, Manoa, The Margins (AAWW), New American Writing, North American Review, Phoebe, Pleiades, Poetry Daily, Quarterly West, Seattle Review, Seneca Review, Softblow, Verse, Volt, World Literature Today.

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Journal and Anthology (selected)


  • “Flight” / Mong-Lan
    Publisher: North American Review, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Publication Date/ Volume-Issue: Spring 2013/ Vol. 298 No. 2
    ISSN: 0029-2397
  • “Love poem to Nuoc Mam”; “Love poem to Lemons”;
    “Love poem to Leeks”; “The Bodywasher” / Mong-Lan
    Publisher: The Asian American Literary Review, c/o Gerald Maa, 6243 Adobe Circle,
    Irvine, CA 92617,
    Publication Date/ Volume-Issue: 2010/ Vol. 1 Issue 1
    ISSN: 2153-1269
  • “Love Poem to Ginger;” “Love Poem to Onion;” “Love Poem to Basil;”
    “Love Poem to Garlic” / Mong-Lan
    Publisher: World Literature Today, University of Oklahoma, 630 Parrington Oval, Suite
    110, Norman, OK 73019-4037,
    Publication Date/ Volume-Issue: January/2009/ Vol. 83, No.1
    ISSN: B00006L2KR
  • Title/Author: “Upon Seeing Marcel Marceau in Buenos Aires;” “Seoul Snow;”/ Mong-
    Publisher: The Seattle Review, P.O. Box 354330 University of Washington Seattle, WA
    Publication Date/ Volume-Issue: Vol. 2, No.1, 2009
    ISSN: B00006KWIH
  • “Sentient Figure”/ Mong-Lan
    Publisher: Drunken Boat, Online Literary Journal:
    Publication Date/ Volume-Issue: Spring 2009
  • “Love Poem Cherry Blossoms” / Mong-Lan
    Publisher: Bayou Magazine, Department of English
    University of New Orleans, 2000 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans, LA 70148
    Publication Date/ Volume-Issue: 2009, Issue 51
    ISSN: 1608011097
  • Force Majeure, Anthology of Writers participating in the Utan Kayu Biennale Literary Festival, Galageng Gallery, Indonesia, 2007
  • “Love Poem to Shitake Mushroom,” “Love Poem to Broccoli,” “Love Poem to Green Tea,” Cimarron Review, Spring 2007.
  • "A bird of laughing feathers," Pleiades, 2007
  • "Proof," Seneca Review, Winter 2006.
  • "Love Poem to Spinach," Colorado Review, 2006.
  • “Love Poem to Banh Cuon,” “Love Poem to Bun Rieu,” “Love Poem to Spinach,” Da Mau, , Summer, Fall, 2006.
  • From "Argentine Tango: Observations While Dancing (Part 4)," Coconut Five , , Summer 2006.
  • "Tangoing," North American Review, 2005.
  • “Bangkok: City Streets”; “Bangkok: Royalty,” The Kenyon Review, fall 2005.
  • “Argentine Tango (Parts 1 & 2)," Pleiades, fall 2005.
  • “Love Poem to Tofu,” East West Woman, March 2005. 
  • "Love Poem to Tofu," "A Bamboo Stick," Nhip Song, 2005.
  • “Bangkok [neon lights],” The Antioch Review, Winter 2004-2005.
  • “Leblon-Ipanema-Copacabana”; “Mountain Mysticism,” Constellation, Winter 2004-2005.
  • "Milonga—A Seismology (Part 10),” Pleiades, Fall 2004.
  • "overhearing water"; “daguerreotype of sleep”; "field"; "letters"; "Ravine".  Asian American Anthology—The Next Generation,
    edited by Victoria Chang, University of Illinois Press, 2004.
  • “Argentine Tango,” (Part 3), Volt, January, 2004.
  • "Milonga—A Seismology (Part 15, pgs 28-29)," SOLO Magazine, Winter 2003.
  • "Milonga—A Seismology (pages 1-6)," New American Writing, May, June, 2003.
  • “rush hour,”  Amerasia Journal, Summer, 2003.


“tree” and “untitled” included in Vietnamese History Lessons Curriculum (high school) in California,
and the curriculum posted on the Teach Tolerance website., Fall, 2003.

“Love Poem to Café au Lait” and “Love Poem to Red Chili Peppers,” Nha Magazine, Sept 2003.


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Milonga—A Seismology (page 14)," The Colorado Review, 2003.


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"Trail," Best American Poetry 2002, (Cloth edition), Scribner, Sept. 2002. (reprint from jubiliat).


"why is the edge always windy?,"  The Kenyon Review, Summer / Fall, 2002.


"The Gioi Ngoc Xanh"; "Hang Dong Vinh Ha Long"; "Sa Dec Doi Am." Hop Luu, August 2002.


"ventriloquist," (reprint) & "Birthing the 'ventriloquist,'" Women's Review of Books, July 2002.

"ventriloquist,"  Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing, Summer, 2002.


“of firebrush, volatile salt,” SOLO Magazine, 2002.

“Accordion,” Phoebe, Fall 2001.                                                                                    

"daguerreotype of sleep" and "overhearing water," CutBank, Fall 2001.


"on the art of discussion," Seneca Review, Fall 2001.


“Cat, Ruoi, & Ca,” Viet (Australia), Summer 2001.


“Three-Auricled Heart,” New American Writing, Spring 2001.

“out of order” and “elegy,” Fence, Spring 2001.

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Trail,” jubilat, Fall / Winter, 2000.

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“Song of the Cicadas,” Pleiades, Winter, 2000.

“An Interview with Robert Creeley,” The Poetry Center Newsletter, University of
  Arizona, Fall, 1999.

The Pushcart Prize Anthology XXIV, “Sand, Flies & Fish,” October 1999-2000.

Order it now at (paperback) (hardcover) or Barnes &

“a tractor,” “footsteps,” and “the taste,” Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing, Winter, 1999.

“Ravine,” “Grotto,” and “Field,” The Kenyon Review, Summer / Fall, 1999.

“A New Vietnam” and “Letters,” Five Fingers Review, Summer, 1999.

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“Coast,” Seneca Review, Spring, 1999.

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“Three-Letter Word” and “Tombstones,” From Both Sides Now: The Vietnam War and its Aftermath in Poetry, Ed. Phillip Mahony.  New York:  Scribner, 1998.

Order it now at or Barnes &

“Sounding Sa Dec,”  “The Long Bien Bridge,” and “Golden Gate,” Watermark: Vietnamese American Poetry & Prose, Eds. Truong and Tran.  New York:  Asian American Writers' Workshop, 1998.

Order it now at or Barnes &

“Silence of Form,” Making More Waves: New Writing by Asian American Women.  Eds. Kim, Villanueva, et al.  Boston:  Beacon Press, 1997.

Order it now at or Barnes &
“Tombstones," The Vietnam Review, Vol 2, Spring / Summer, 1997.

“Untitled” and “Wind,” Once Upon a Dream: The Vietnamese-American Experience, Eds. Tran, De, et al.  Kansas City:  Andrews and McMeel, 1995.

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